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The design inspiration of ilsna Products comes from nature It also mix
Together space. Humane art line and water it’s each exquisite design is dedicated to be a classic. Ilsna makes a success in good-qualified products, excellent technology and widespread research and development it successfully gains excellent technology and perfect design it sends forth-elegant style and endless glamour in the bathroom all over the world.

Technology (taps series)
We use high-quality and fortified pottery and porcelain valve kernels which can be used 600,00times.Thses kernels are painted with a layer of thin and diamond knot-liked film carbonate The film is make through high-teak Plasma painting technology It's very strong and smooth Thin improved device can assure that the switches can work smoothly and be wear resisting
We use high-qualify copper ingots that are in line with the USA NSF strict no lead stenciled; do no harm to human body. They accord with the concept of environmental protection and conform to the demand of world development to they-your friends at home make drinking and wing water clean is healthy.
Our company owns the world first -class electroplate technology the quality of it: even smooth on the surface, artistic and corrosion-resistant
It live up to the standard of green environmental protection The electroplate layer goes beyond 12 microns It assures that the surface will never falls and keep luster for ever.

Keeping up the spirit "showing loving care for customers appreciating it as a personal favor ", Ilsna provides you perfect consulting and specialized service We build nation-wide network for specialized maintenance whatever you want, just a call, service in your home The service center of Ilsna assures the consumers they can get free maintenance serve and return it good using condition if the products are damaged because of poor quality under correct using.